Additional Resources

Again, you can access doTERRA's resources by logging into your Wellness Advocate account and access The Daily Mentor Calls here for building in person.

doTERRA resources

  1. For resources from doTERRA: Log in to your back office and click the “resources” tab
  2. FREE digital marketing kit from doTERRA

“The kit has everything you need to market your business online. From monthly promo graphics to product videos, you have the things you need for professional-quality marketing.”

  1. doTERRA Social: social scheduler with marketing materials already made. A paid resource ($21 a month). It’s a bit like Canva, Trello, and a scheduler all in one.
  2. Live Naturally Tools has free and paid marketing materials 
  3. Droplii is an essential oil reference app--you can pay a monthly “mentor” fee, set up a code, then give your enrollments that code so they have free access to the app! It’s a great little incentive for your new enrollments.
  4. *Watch the Natural Solutions Class ( with your handout…/en/brochu…/natural-solutions.pdf and make personal notes on your handout
  5. *Watch Holding a Successful Class:

*Watch Enroll Successfully…/…/launch-guide-enroll-successfully Most people call this the “close”, I look at it as the “invitation”.

FREE Marketing Resources

  1. The Goal Digger Podcast
  2. The Influencer Podcast
  3. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  4. The Boss Babe Podcast
  5. I am Natalie Brite on Instagram + The Wildly Aligned Podcast
  6. doTERRA biz blog + resources

What I use for creating content

  • Planoly: Instagram post scheduler--Later or PLANN are also good! I use the paid version, but they have a free version too! This is my referral link.
  • Canva: for designing graphics. They have tons of pre-made graphics and layouts in all styles. Seriously so easy to use. I use the pro paid version, but I'm pretty sure there is a free version! So click here to use my referral link!
  • Photoshop (I've had this for forever and know how to use it, so I also use it)
  • Skillshare: for learning new skills. Use my link and get two months for free!

Recommended books from this guide: 

I buy most of my books from Amazon (linked) or listen to them on Audible.

Other recommended books

For empowering you to live your life + create magic

Advanced Investment in your Biz Courses

Note: I have taken all of these courses and please don’t feel like you have to in order to be successful, but these are some of the best business leaders, in my opinion:

Jenna Kutcher courses

  • List to Launch (email marketing)
  • The Podcast Lab
  • The Instagram Lab
  • The Pinterest Lab

Natalie Brite Courses

  • Vision Mapping Masterclass + Planner
  • Creative Content Masterclass