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I know you're busy so I'm going to keep this short! I know that there are tons of essential oils to choose from out there. That's why I created this quick guide. In under thirty minutes you'll learn what makes doTERRA's oils different than any other oils on the market, plus easy and practical tips to use our top ten oils. Plus, this guide is absolutely FREE.

Essential oils are a natural approach to everyday issues and can be used with modern approaches when necessary, and now, they’re everywhere! But how do you know you’re getting a good product? And once you have them, what do you even do with them?

That’s where Intro to Oils comes in. In just 20 minutes this self-paced online guide teaches you about essential oil sourcing, safety, how to use essential oils, and ways to use the ten oils that I started with.

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Course Curriculum

The number one problem people have when it comes to essential oils is not knowing how to use them.

Imagine if you felt EMPOWERED to use essential oils for everyday situations like: 

  • Applying lavender to your child’s feet before bed each night
  • Or diffusing wild orange and peppermint to help you focus on your work
  • Rolling an immune-supporting blend down your child’s spine before school
  • Pulling out a calming blend to just inhale while you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work

This online guide gives you the stepping stones to using your essential oils with confidence. 

Companies see that people want essential oils, so it seems that all the stores are jumping in on this quote “trend” because where we see health and less-toxic living, they see “MONEY”. So they buy from brokers who rip-off farmers, dilute their oils without telling you, fill them with synthetically made oils, and sell them for a fraction of the cost. 


Imagine a company that looks for plants grown in their native habitat; 

Imagine a company that pays a fair, living wage to their farmers and harvesters; a company that partners with these small scale farms rather than buying them out

Imagine a company that teaches rotational farming and harvesting so we don’t deplete the earth of resources

Imagine a company that STOPS sourcing a plant even though they know they can profit from it, because they know it cannot be sourced sustainably

Imagine a company that builds clinics, a company that builds schools not only for boys, but especially for girls, brings fresh water to villages and creates a safe work environment for women.

Imagine a company that values people more than they value their wallets...

Come learn about this company in the online guide ♥